Idaho Farm Boy makes it to Beverly Hills

J.Rohn about education
J.Rohn about education

In the personal development industry in the United States, this guy is one of the most talented and interesting. Especially because he is self-taught and self made: he never received a degree from the university. But also because he was born on a farm and at 31 years old he became a Millionaire with a career in sales management.In order to become rich and recognized, Jim Rohn became a student of personal development philosophies. He is the living proof that you too can become an incredible success without an MBA from Harvard Business School.

In addition, in his work and books he likes to share his rags-to-rich experience: At 25, he was struggling to make ends meet but it was the discovery of John Earl Shoaff, an entrepreneur who impressed Jim with its presence, its popularity and success. At this point Jim decided to discover and learn the science of personal development. This is what will allow him to accumulated large sums of money and also later to share his 35 years of experience in conference. This was the beginning of his speaker career that will fascinate him until his last decades. T.Robbins Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield have all been influenced by Jim.

A little over his 30 years old Jim has been invited by a friend to show its success to a Rotary club, He accepted and titled his talk « Idaho Farm Boy makes it to Beverly Hills. »

Having goals in life, it’s the beginning of all achievement:

The best website to go further on Jim Rohn and his work:

By Anthony Brevet, Founder of LiveProud blog


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