The Path to Build Muscles

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I share with you today a fantastic thing: a way to change your physical appearance and your body. A lot of magazines and books teach you how to gain pounds of muscle, unfortunately it’s not really efficient or it’s not easy to implement because it is often written to people who have expertise about bodybuilding and fitness. In addition, this  magazines offer training plans that requires taking some unnatural supplements. So a lot of people with motivation quit their workouts: they are not satisfied with their results, their diets cause them bad side effects so on and so forth. I understand !

I propose you 5 very simple Tips to get results in about two or three months. All without taking creatine or anabolic. The method is  very clear; no traps, just result. This method is mainly for people who have trouble gaining weight and are struggling to gain pure muscle (ectomorph) !

Before presenting my 5 Tips, I would say that the following expertise is the result of my own experience. And here is my experience about gaining muscle : I began bodybuilding and fitness at age 17,  and after many months with little success, I finally get closer to my goals. I needed to find hundreds of accurate information to boost my progress. Many times I was unmotivated and reluctant to train hard and workouts. But at my 18 and-a-half I was proud to achieve impressive results: I grew in one year from 64 pounds to 75 pounds of pure muscle. If you have enough determination, my 5 Tips will help you reaching your goals in a few months!

I do not recommend people taking weight easily using this method.

Below are my 5 Tips that leads  to muscle gain:

1. Each week you must develop your strength: you have to  increase the weight with all exercises. If you do not succeed then use forced repetitions with the help of a partner. Energy: 100% for each series.

2. Focus on your polyarticular muscle groups: legs, chest, shoulders … Stop overtrained your arms, take care of big parties. Your arms will follow up !

3. Stop eating like a sick or a suffering person. Rather eat like an ogre varied dishes and starchy. Increase calories by 500 to 1000/day. So multiply by 1,3 the number of calories ingested per day !

4. Eat a lot of protein. I mean at least 1,8 grams per pound of body weight / day. You can’ t? You have no choice ! Eat eggs, fish and protein supplements such as whey. You have to Double your protein intake!

5. Go to the Gym to suffer. At least 3 times a week only one or two hours each session. Work on two muscle groups per session and perform 5 sets per muscle group. The rule: 6 reps to gain strength , 10 reps to gain muscle mass.

 At 19, thanks to my 5 Tips
At 19, thanks to my 5 Tips method

Of course it’s very hard but I can assure you that after three months of trainings you’ll get results ! So are you ready to change your body and your physical appearance? You have decided to apply these five tips? Begin now and never give up ; ) 

By Anthony Brevet, founder of LiveProud blog


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