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Internet has changed the rules in the last 10 years. Not just for IT people but for all those who have an artistic project, an entrepreneurial activity or career plans. If you desire your company, your achievements and your brand becomes visible in today’s world, you need to consider working with Google and other search engines!

There are many rules to optimized a content in order to attract many curious people! Theories of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) combines all these techniques and strategies. Internet advertising and knowledge of optimization techniques will be a key factor in the 21st century to achieve what you want: sell more products, make more money, become recognized in your field, have an international authoritie .. .

Therefore it’s essential to consider these techniques today! Some are complex and some are simple and basic; the SEO basics. Today I want to share with you a rule that you need to know in the new world of online marketing: the golden triangle.

A Golden Triangle
A Golden Triangle

The golden triangle rule states that the first three results of an internet search will receive most of the netizens attention . The eyes of internet users focus on this area and other results even ranked on page one will not generate a lot of interest! And it’s very hard to appear in this triangle with highly searched keywords: the strategy is to find a niche with keywords where there is little competition.

Consider this aspect to develop your brand, your business or your online personal brand and presence. Have you decided to appear in the Golden Triangle? Your work, achievements, brands appear in the Golden Triangle when using specific keywords?

By Anthony Brevet, founder of LiveProud blog


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