King of Dreams

We know there are always amazing writers & books to discover. But these discoveries are rare; I mean the book that changes your worldview, changing who you are and how you feel.

Robert Collier is one of those authors: you read a few lines and you start to be amazed and inspired. It’s fantastic how he transmits his ideas about the psychology of success: this is a writer who inspired the famous best-seller « The Secret » of Rhonda Byrne . In his work, you can find what you need through more than 10 books: my favorite is The Secret of the Ages (1926).

Collier is particularly effective to educate its readers about the visualization of a dream, creating a desire and having faith in it. Robert Collier is a must for those seeking powerful sentences and an efficient, productive  reading.

I assure you that one of his books will affect the way you see your life and your dreams !

Link to his book:

By Anthony Brevet, founder of LiveProud blog


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