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Everyone knows that knowledge is a key element to build yourself, to be respected, to do a job you really love, to access positions of Power. Knowledge oriented toward a specific goal is pure power. This is why we are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for prestigious universities courses. Since the birth of the internet, access to knowledge became easier. This is a huge opportunity that everyone should consider. Meanwhile the cost of tuition fees has steadily increased and the value of degrees is less interesting : the world is changing so fast that a 20 year old degree is worthless.

In the 21st century , it is necessary to continually learn. Alot of organizations offer free and online courses from prestigious universities. We call these organizations MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). You can quickly sign up and attend a course that you need in order to build your expertise in a specific field. The biggest MOOCs are Alison, Udacity, Coursera, EDx and Khan Academy. For example, at EDx, you can find courses from universities like Harvard or McGill College ! Online education is a booming sector , diplomas and certificates are already recognized in the labor market .

The ability of an individual to update his knowledge will be the key to success in this century: online education is a great tool to do that. We are at the beginnings of this online innovation, you can start from now to familiarize yourself with this method of learning. For more information, read the articles below and visit websites of organizations that offer online courses.


By Anthony Brevet, founder of LiveProud blog


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